Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sweden: Strolling in Malmö

My husband and I went to Malmö today to buy a book and stroll around. We took the opportunity to take photos of the Turning Torso, Ribersborg beach, an icy river with lots of birds on the surface and a few shops in the city centre. The Turning Torso is considered as the symbol of Malmö. It is a 54-story-private residential building made of white marble based on the form of a twisted human being. It was designed by a Spanish architect and officially opened in August 2005 - a month before I settled in Sweden. From what I know, as a famous landmark, it's also one of the most expensive places to live in Malmö.

Italy: Lovely architecture, appetizing cuisine and fashionable boutiques in Modena

I was on a business trip in Modena, Italy for two days this week. The first time I was there was in 2001, when we had a global conference in Baveno. I was enchanted with Italy. With its lovely architecture, appetizing cuisine and fashionable boutiques, I just wanted to live there! From the time I've been in Italy for the first time till now, I've been to several cities such as Florence, Venice, Pisa, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Verona, Catania, Parma, Reggio Calabria, and Reggio Emilia.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Around the world: Where I've been, where I am and where I'm going...

This blog is called around the world because I'd like to share stories about my travel destinations as well as my experiences having lived in the Philippines and Switzerland. To date, I've been to 25 countries and counting... Four years ago I accepted a job offer in Switzerland to gain an international work experience. I'm now based in Sweden - working for the same company.

Blogging: capturing your thoughts and making your journal publicly available

I've always kept a journal since I was a kid. When I was younger, I updated my journals more regularly than today. I write my thoughts down whenever I'm feeling extremely happy or sad. I don't think I've ever written on my journals when I'm feeling just about right. I think it's really nice to be able to celebrate your successes, vent your disappointments, organize your thoughts, clear your mind or simply write whatever happens in your life. Writing allows me to do all of above - well, aside from chatting with every single person that I like/love, especially my husband.