Monday, 20 April 2009

Finland: Museum in Lappeenranta

We went to a museum in Lappeenranta. It’s called Wolkoffin Museo ja Kauppa. It seems like a famous place- as even Fins who live in the area go there for a tour. It’s supposed to be popular because a very wealthy Russian family used to live there; and they eventually donated it to the government so that it can be converted into a museum. I don’t really know what’s special about it. It’s not that big. The stuff they have is nothing spectacular. On top of that, the tour guide talked really fast – in Finnish which I didn’t understand – and didn’t allow her audience to ask questions till the end of the tour. She was also very grumpy. Grrrrrrr!!! Well…at least we were allowed to take photos.

Study room

Dining room



babbler said...

I love your blog! I want to do more travel, I have been to Norway but not Finland. I enjoyed your tour, I will follow your blog and come along with you. How fun!

Around the world said...

Thanks so much for your message. You just made me smile... :-)

Glitzer said...

Never been to Finland before.. but thanks for sharing your photos! Great stuff!

Around the world said...

Thanks for reading my blog!!! :-)