Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sweden: Lighting bonfires on Walpurgis Night

We celebrated Walpurgis Night (Valborgsmässoafton in Swedish) tonight in Malmö's largest park, Pildammsparken. The event started at 2130.

We expected to see a big but ordinary bonfire; instead we watched an enormous dancing bonfire - like a bonfire display which is even better. It was really nice. Lighting bonfires on April 30 is a traditional custom that started in the 18th century to ward off evil spirits. Nowadays, this day marks the celebration of the end of winter and the beginning of spring - although this year spring or even summer started earlier. A choir sang before the bonfire display which is part of the tradition. Coincidentally, today also marks the birthday of the Swedish King, King Carl XVI Gustaf.

Watch the video below to see more... It's amazing!!!

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