Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sweden: Swedish massage...

Swedish massage is supposed to be popular around the world. I've seen it offered in spas in some countries I've travelled to. However in Sweden people generally don't know what "Swedish" massage is. I found that really odd.

It's only recently when I went to Destress that I heard the term "Swedish" massage being used. Finally! I learned that the name was coined because a certain Per Henrik Ling, a Swedish man, developed it.

I like going to Sensa Spa; they specialise in aromatherapy. They have different scents that smell heavenly! They use Decleor products which use natural ingredients -aromatic plants producing essential oils.

Thai massage is also very good... And Sabai Tai is the least expensive out of all the above. It costs around 400 SEK (around €40) for one and a half hours while the others cost around 600 SEK for half an hour. (around €55).

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