Friday, 6 March 2009

Nigeria: Two faces of Lagos

What do people think about Lagos, Nigeria? Well a few people I know don’t even know that Nigeria exists. Some people’s knowledge about Nigeria only extends to the fact that the locals there are black. Due to the abundance of oil in Nigeria, it’s also known as an oil-rich developing country plagued with corruption and conflicts along the Niger Delta region.

What were my impressions of Lagos before going there last week? I tried to be neutral but of course when one goes to an unfamiliar country, one creates a picture of expectations. I thought it was a chaotic, busy city with lots of traffic jam and poor people which turned out to be true. But there are also rich local people with Ferraris, Rolls Royce and other luxurious cars. I thought there were no big buildings and houses. I was wrong. Although there are slum areas and poor living conditions which are typical in developing touristy countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, there are high rise buildings and lovely houses.

I’ll tell you more about our exciting Lagos experience on my next post. Hey, I forgot to tell you... this is the 26th country that I've visited so far!

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