Sunday, 1 March 2009

Switzerland: Reminiscing the time I lived in Lausanne

I was in Switzerland this week. Aside from a series of business meetings, I had dinner with my colleagues in Le Chalet Fraisse; the cheese fondue was lovely! I reminisced about the time I lived in Lausanne and how I enjoyed every second of it! I lived very close to the lake and across our office. I usually shopped for foodstuff at Migros in Ouchy and my clothes, bags, shoes etc. in Saint Francois.
I also thought about how I really miss my former boss. She helped me achieve my dream of gaining an international experience by offering me a job in our headquarters. She believed and trusted me. She allowed me to grow my wings and fly! Now I'm taking a higher responsibility at work and learning so much from it (and hopefully contributing as much as well). I still keep in touch with her although she left the company to set-up her own consultancy business. She helps women (and even men) to shine... We admire her; we are so fond of her. She was not just a boss; she was and still is a friend.

By the Lac Leman (Geneva lake) in Ouchy...

Migros in Ouchy, where I used to buy my foodstuff

Amazing view... Lac Leman

Ouchy shops and restaurants

Beau Rivage Hotel

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