Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sweden: Playing badminton and other types of exercise

It's been a long time since my husband and I played badminton. This afternoon we played badminton at our company gym and after only 30 minutes, I was already tired. I'm soooo unfit.

I've started walking at lunch time a few weeks ago. It's not the same as playing badminton but at least I came to realize that I need to have some physical activity to stay fit/healthy.

Swedes are fond of walking, biking and other forms of exercise. They are so into fitness. It's just amazing. When I was still in Manila, I only biked from one block to another and it's just for leisure. Whenever I needed to go somewhere I always drove a car. Here in Sweden, people bike to go from one destination to another. I tried it for a few months when I first came here. It wasn't easy. Last autumn, my husband and I bought bikes and started biking; we haven't biked during the winter though. It's just too cold.


Madam Tang said...

Interesting blogging!

Around the world said...

Thanks for your message Madam Tang! I didn't notice it till today! Have a nice weekend!