Saturday, 21 March 2009

Sweden: My Swedish piano teacher

I've been playing the piano on and off since I was five years old. I kept on cancelling my lessons whenever I didn't like my teacher. I guess I didn't really have motivating teachers at that time (or I was just a super spoiled brat when I was young)

When I moved to Sweden more than three years ago, I bought a Schimmel piano in Malmo- to entertain myself when I'm not working. I must say that I really really like my teacher. She makes our lessons entertaining; sometimes she even sings while we're playing the piano! She happens to have a good singing voice as well. It also seems that she's not counting every minute of our lessons. More often than not we exceed the alloted time. Three years ago, I went to a piano school where I met her. And she did the same thing for her other students. I think teaching piano is her passion and she'd like every student to learn - and fast!

I don't go to the piano school anymore. Instead, my teacher (same one from the beginning) comes to our flat every Saturday to teach me piano. On the photo you'll see our Schimmel piano with bear stuff toys from my husband and camel stuff toys from my cousins in Dubai. I got that chair for free when I bought the piano.
Here are my favorite piano pieces:
What a wonderful world
Let it be
In the mood
I'll learn Pink Panther next week!

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